Diamond, the most lovable precious stone, is the sole stone that contains just one element in its chemical structure - carbon. Diamonds are made in a sense that each of the carbon molecules is bonded to another using a symmetrical structure in every way.


Diamond, the most lovable precious stone, is the sole stone that contains just one element in its chemical structure - carbon. Diamonds are made in a sense that each of the carbon molecules is bonded to another using a symmetrical structure in every way. Diamond claims a spot as the toughest natural material for its amazing atomic structure. Its firmness is identified on Mohs scale with a 10. It is so tough that a tool created from another diamond can cut through a diamond. The name, diamond, has been based on the Greek term adamas which means unbreakable or powerful. In addition to the firmness that is unremarkable, it is also famous for its particular big dispersion speed of visible light and the luster. Some very specific conditions, which are required during the formation of natural diamond, are what distinguish one diamond to another.
Diamond Engagement Rings
The gemstones were mined and discovered in India more than 2,000 years ago. India is the first country to have an industrial operation to handle diamonds. Now, this precious stone can also be mined primarily in India, South Africa, Australia, Canada and Brazil.
In early Roman and Greek eras, diamonds were considered to be the damaged portions of the stars falling down on our planet or also referred to as the tears of Lord. Diamonds were mentioned in literature in the 1st Millennium A D, which said that gemstones covered the points of Cupid's arrows. Simply because the Greek and Roman warriors considered diamonds to possess the defense strength against the bad, diamonds were worn by them as amulets. That perception comes from the Indian mythology where diamonds were considered to be produced from bolted lightning struck rocks. Also, in the 13th century, a regulation in Italy prohibited the diamonds to be worn amongst the civilians with the exception of Queens and Kings.
Diamond Necklaces
The first diamond ring from a man to a woman was handed to Mary of Burgundy by the Archduke of Austria in 1477. Recognised as the queen of all stones, diamonds are usually the representations of purity, strength, power and incorruptibility. It has been officially established as the 60th year wedding anniversary gemstone and is the April birthstone in the astrological concept.
At Glamira, gemstones possess a unique spot in the design of jewelry and therefore are chosen according to some standards. The most critical and initial measure to decide on a gemstone is the conformity with moral obligation that it has to be conflict-free to be utilised in Glamira collections.

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Diamond Earrings

The colour of a diamond describes the mix of three elements: tone, saturation and hue. The colour grading scale for diamonds runs from D to Z. An ideal diamond, identified as D colour, does not have any colour in any way. H colour is the colour level that has the best balance between cost and performance ratio. That is why diamonds in H colour are often used in Glamira’s collection. Diamond cut refers to proportion, symmetry in shape, and the luster. Each one is completed to provide the spectacular return of the luster of a stone. The cut is broken up into 3 distinct levels; polish, proportion and symmetry. The cut array features 5 levels; Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Acceptable and Poor. However, diamond shape, which can be usually confused with diamond cut, shows layout or a fashion used when forming a diamond for polishing, like the princess-cut diamond. At Glamira, you will discover many shapes of diamonds including princess, brilliant, round, trillion, cushion, heart, oval and emerald, which can be used to create your customised jewelry. As the impact of carbon being exposed to great heat and pressure deep on our planet earth, natural diamonds possess many different inner traces called 'inclusions' and external traces that are called blemishes. Diamond clarity describes the purity of a diamond together with the standards on clearness including the number of traces, sizes and locations. To find a perfect price/quality ratio, it is imperative to comprehend that tiny inclusions in the VVS1 to SI2 clarity grading level can't be evaluated by the naked eye. Glamira always gets the diamonds in VS (very slightly inclusions) clarity. You must have heard people talking about diamond carat, which is a weight measurement of the size of a diamond. The definition of 1 carat stone is 0.2 grams and 1 carat also refers to as 100 points.

For one to personalise their own jewelry according to your personal fashion preference, Glamira leaves the jewellery in your hands. Glamira jewellers create exceptional diamond jewelry of necklaces, rings, earrings, and cufflinks. Diamond earrings selection includes designs like studs, hoops or drops. Diamond stud earrings are simply among the best choices you carry to underline the splendor of your charisma. Above all, with diamond engagement rings, it is possible to gain your particular woman's heart as a guy!