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    GLAMIRA’s bangles invariably provide the best in shape, colour and gemstones. Although this a chance for your taste to shine, don’t forget that GLAMIRA’s bangle places a rainbow around your wrist. GLAMIRA’s bangles put your imagination together with a beautiful array of coloured gems; GLAMIRA’s collection wide and varied! You will find amethyst, blue sapphire, red ruby and much more. GLAMIRA’s bangles are exquisitely crafted to match a range of colours and alloys. So get creative and make the most of the chance to create something truly special with GLAMIRA. We offer a massive collection of bangles which includes silver and gold bangles, the extravagance of gold, and the simplicity of silver. GLAMIRA’s vision was created by fantasies and dreams. GLAMIRA’s magnificent gols includes yellow, rose and

    white gold bangles

    and silver bangles. These are bangles which make a big statement and define your outfit! What’s more, GLAMIRA offers every style under the sun, whether it’s modern, or classic. GLAMIRA offers women the chance to express themselves with bangles which say something unique to the world!

    You have a big choice to make, but it’s a lot of fun too! Firstly, select a model, which may take some time considering all the options. Next, turn your attention to the colours of your gems. Why not select a gem which inspires you and accentuates your beauty, such as a petité diamond? Next, it’s time to choose your alloy; your cuff bangle could be rose, white, yellow gold or silver. The final stage: let GLAMIRA turn your dream into a reality, because GLAMIRA creates truly unique bangles. As if that wasn’t enough, we will send your creation straight to your home in a stunning gift box, ready to wear.