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Wedding Jewellery Sets- Bridal Earrings, Colliers and Bangles

Are you looking for jewellery to make a statement about who you are? If so, GLAMIRA is the place for you! Our stunning

wedding jewellery sets

give you the chance to express yourself and let you imagination run wild. The wonderful process of creating your own set begins when you pick out your ideal collier; make it unique and sparkling with Swarovski or which set the heart on fire. The second step is to browse through GLAMIRA’s enormous collection for your perfect diamond drop earrings, inspired by the sparkling stars in the clear night sky. Finally, your bangles are a chance to say something unique and tie the set beautifully together. GLAMIRA’s gold bangles are like golden rays of afternoon sunshine, gently falling on the forest floor. When the process is complete and you wear your set, the world will become your red carpet.

GLAMIRA produces classic jewellery which is ideal for 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Designed to last a lifetime, all our jewellery is produced with care, passion and expertise. And you can choose the colours that mean the most to you! GLAMIRA’s drop earrings, bangles and colliers can be enhances with a range of eye-catching colours. GLAMIRA’s wedding sets can be traditional, modern, or anything in between. Whether it’s white and yellow, rose gold alloys, deep sea blue or striking violet, this is the jewellery of your dreams.